Levitating Rose Photography Tutorial and the Struggles

Levitating Rose
The idea for this video and the photographs really came from the bouquet of roses! Not so long ago I did a different tutorial involving levitation photography and I wanted some more of that. I really like photographs with a magical element such as levitation, where the viewer doesn't immediately know how it's possible.


For this photoshoot I created a small, low budget home photography studio. The Godox SL60W is the main key light. It's actually advertised more as a video light, but it's the only continous light that I have. It is an affordable light and I am very satisfied with it, the results speak for themselve I think!


The Struggles
I started filming and shooting this video at around 15:00 o'clock and I seriously only finished around 23:00 in the evening... I struggled with getting my photographs to a place where I actually liked them. Filming everything by yourself and also doing photography takes serious time! In the end it was all worth it though, I am really happy with the images that I've made.


Feathering the Light
The key to me liking the photographs that I created came down to feathering the light and to not use my background flash. The feathered light allowed me to have a completley black background and it made myself also look mysterious and all of the attention just went to the rose and to my hands. 
In the video I tried using a background flash to add some blue color to the background. While the blue in the background and the red of the rose work pretty well together, the whole picture unfortunately didn't work for me. My backdrop just wasn't ideal and it was by far not seemless, so the solution was to make the backdrop completley black so that it's not visible. This resulted in some classic looking photographs in my opinion.



If there is no struggle, there is no progress. I really believe this! If all that we keep doing is easy and familiar to us, then how can we ever expect to grow? Studio photography is something relatively new to me, it's one of the reasons that it took me so long to create these photos. I tried so many things with lighting, clothing and posing.
I feel like I really learned a lot. Next time when I have to do some studio photography, it will be that much faster and easier!


You can find the images that I created in the gallery below.

Note to self

  • Make more eye contact.
  • Keep it simple!
  • I prefer the 85mm lens over the 50mm lens.
  • If you want soft light, feather the light!
  • Find a convenient workflow when trying to film yourself and doing photography at the same time.

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